Applying Ayurveda is for those students who have completed Introduction to Ayurveda (or can prove a similar level of study). They may want to continue to dive into the wonders of Ayurveda for themselves, friends and family and also may wish to use the course as a starting point for gaining a professional Ayurvedic qualification (Ayurvedic Lifestyle Advisor).

Applying Ayurveda is a 66 hour course, 6 months work spread over 7 months (allowing for a break during the course). There are monthly interactive webinars to answer questions arising from the material. This, together with Introduction to Ayurveda, equates to 99 hours of Ayurvedic learning. The course has a participant limit, ensuring a close-knit community and fully interactive webinars.

Ayurvedic Anatomy



Nutrition Foundations

Lifestyle: Healthy Kitchen

Lifestyle: Healthy Living