Applying Ayurveda is for those students who have completed Introduction to Ayurveda (or can prove a similar level of study). They may want to continue to dive into the wonders of Ayurveda for themselves, friends and family and also may wish to use the course as a starting point for gaining a professional Ayurvedic qualification (Ayurvedic Lifestyle Advisor).

Applying Ayurveda is a 66 hour course, 6 months work spread over 7 months (allowing for a break during the course). There are monthly interactive webinars to answer questions arising from the material. This, together with Introduction to Ayurveda, equates to 99 hours of Ayurvedic learning. The course has a participant limit, ensuring a close-knit community and fully interactive webinars.

All of The Ayurveda Academy courses include:

  • A comprehensive syllabus covering everything you need to know to start applying Ayurveda’s wisdom to your daily life
  • Engaging monthly content with assessments and case studies
  • Knowledge direct from the classical Ayurvedic texts combined with modern interpretation, supported by research where possible
  • Interactive monthly webinars focussed on breakout discussions and Q&A on content
  • Access to a collaborative close-knit learning community to share ideas, practical tips and learning.
  • Health diaries to enable you to record your experiences – not all advice will work for everyone so what is really best for you?
  • Downloadable course materials and webinar recordings

Our Ayurveda courses are designed for:

The Introduction to Ayurveda and Applying Ayurveda courses are designed for personal interest only. On completion of the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Advisor Conversion Course, you will be qualified to help others with Ayurvedic lifestyle tweaks.

The Applying Ayurveda course will encourage you to:   

  • understand Ayurvedic anatomy: tissues, channels, sub-doshas, organs, marmas
  • learn about the pathways of disease manifestation
  • learn all the signs and symptoms of disturbed dosha, tissues, agni, and the tell-tale signs of ama
  • discover the essential Ayurvedic treatment approaches and how to decide between them
  • understand and try out the concepts of ama pacana (digesting ama) and traditional Ayurvedic cleansing techniques
  • explore rejuvenation in theory and practice
  • go deeper into principles and practicals of Ayurvedic cooking and learn how to construct a beautifully Ayurvedic dish and meal
  • widen and deepen knowledge of key herbs and spices in cooking
  • discover the healing herbs in your kitchen cupboard and practice using them in your life
  • undertand the impact and management of substances such as alcohol and caffeine
  • discover your skin through the lens of Ayurveda and create daily routines and interventions for skin and body care
  • gain a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic massage and how it can be used for you and your family
  • learn how the Ayurvedic view on exercise can help you tailor your own personal exercise regime
  • discover Ayurvedic concepts relating to the mind, uncovering Ayurvedic knowlege on mental health, spiritual practices and meditation
  • use core Ayurvedic concepts relating to best holistic health for womens and mens specific health

Dates for upcoming Applying Ayurveda courses

How to Register for Applying Ayurveda

Completion of the Introduction to Ayurveda course is necessary before attending this course. If you have a qualification which covers the content of Introduction to Ayurveda, there may be a chance of this requirement being waived. Each case will be assessed on its merits. Book your place on the course here.

Going further

Please note that you will not be qualified Ayurvedic practitioner after this course. It is designed to provide a foundation of Ayurveda for personal use and development. If you want a professional qualification, you can complete the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Advisor Conversion Course.