Find out your probable dosha constitution with our dosha quiz below. But first, in case you’re asking, what is a constitution?

The five fundamental elements are all present in differing quantities in various substances.  As the human body is seen as a microcosm of the universe, it too is formed of these 5 elements.

Viewing the body and mind through the lenses of these elements, the Ayurvedic sages discovered the unique concept of dosha; three principles which govern our minds and bodies.  These dosha have biological and energetic properties and regulate all physiological and psychological aspects of our lives.

These three primary patterns or dosha – vatapitta and kapha – are present in every cell, tissue and organ of the body.    We are all born with a unique and individual combination of these dosha (our constitution), which defines the ways our bodies and minds naturally function and respond. It is important to be aware of our dosha as it is only when they are in their natural balanced state that we remain in health.   When they get out of balance, diseases occur.  Often an individual will have a primary dosha, and it is most often that dosha which will tend to go out of balance when our lives aren’t as measured as they should be.

Find out your dosha constitution with our quiz.  This will just be guidance based on how you answer the questions. We advise joining our Introduction to Ayurveda course, getting professional advice from a fully-qualified Ayurvedic practitioner such as Kate or Jo or getting a personalised report to get a fuller picture. 

IMPORTANT: When answering the question for this dosha quiz, please think of your healthy, balanced, natural state not of any unbalanced state you may find yourself in now. It may help to think of yourself when you were a young adult or teenager. Click on any statements that apply, it doesn’t have to be just one.