The Conversion Course is a 25 hour face-to-face course held over 3 days. It is a small cohort with 2 teachers, making it an intense and rich learning experience. By completing this course on top of Introduction to Ayurveda and Applying Ayurveda (or an equivalent level of qualification), you will then be qualified as an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Advisor as recognised by the Ayurvedic Professionals Association (Category H). You can use this as a stand-alone qualification or use it alongside other therapies such as yoga, nutrition, massage therapy and naturopathy. Find out more about the whole learning journey here.

On this course, you will learn and practice the concepts and skills which will enable you to hold Ayurvedic Lifestyle consultation sessions. Some of the thing you will cover are:

  • Revising key topics and learning some more home remedies and lifestyle adaptations
  • Practicals in a few key Ayurvedic recipes and techniques
  • Learning more about the social prescribing movement in the NHS
  • Detailed advice on consultation and communication skills
  • Professional boundaries and conduct
  • Client evaluation tools and consultation templates
  • Advice on following-up with clients
  • Safety, ethics and when and how to signpost for additional support
  • Business setup and marketing support
  • Live case studies
  • Assessment

Course Requirements

To join this course, you will need:

  • 1 Level 3 qualification in any subject (e.g. A-Level or equivalent)
  • Completion of Introduction to Ayurveda and Applying Ayurveda (99 hours). If you have a qualification that covers the content of these courses and the same or more hours, you may qualify to join the Conversion Course. Each case will be assessed on its merits, please do get in touch.

Booking onto the Conversion Course

Introduction to Ayurveda runs three times a year from September, January and May. Applying Ayurveda runs once a year from September/October and the Conversion course runs once a year in September/October. If you know you want to gain the professional qualification, sign up for our May course at the latest, then you will be able to join the September/October Applying Ayurveda course and then the Conversion course in September/October after that.

For dates and locations for this year’s conversion course, see the enrolment page.

What you’ll have at the end of the course

You will get certificates of completion of all three courses, and will have a final certificate of qualification of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Advisor, as defined by the Ayurvedic Professionals Association Category H.  The criteria or this is over 100 teaching hours, 20% of which is face-to-face.  You can see more on the APA website.

You will be able to join the Ayurvedic Professionals Association (using Category H) and will be able to get discounted professional insurance through their linked insurer.