Why learn with Joanna and Kate?

The Ayurveda Academy’s founders have a lot to offer

Ayurvedic Expertise

2 fully qualified Ayurvedic practitioners with over 20 years of clinical experience between them in the UK and India.

Variety of Qualifications

Extensive business and life experience, having also trained in primary education, yoga teaching, western herbalism and Shadow Work.

Life experience

Hands-on experience of trying to raise a healthy family with 6 children between them.

We offer practical and engaging courses combining Ayurveda’s ancient wisdom with modern insights on how to live well.

Our aim is:

to support you in understanding Ayurveda as a 5000 year old living wisdom tradition and see life through the ‘Ayurvedic lens’
to inspire you to use knowledge of your doshic constitution (mind body type) to live your life to its fullest and, if you choose to, to go even further with professional qualifications
to engage you in learning through experience, applying learning to your diet and lifestyle routines with tailored self-care advice for the seasons

About the founders

Ayurvedic practitioners and teachers with a wealth of knowledge and experience

Joanna Webber

Ayurvedic Practitioner, Teacher & Head of Pukka Herbal Education

Jo Webber is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner (BSc Ayurveda, MAPA) and hatha yoga teacher. She is currently Head of Herbal Education at Pukka Herbs and is the founder of AyurvedicYogi in Bristol. She loves to weave the two sister sciences of Ayurveda and Yoga together in an engaging way to support people to feel more empowered about their health and well-being.

She has a Masters in Human Sciences from Oxford University and a Post graduate Certificate in Education. She has 3 children and lives in Somerset.

Kate Siraj

Kate Siraj

Ayurvedic Practitioner & Shadow Work Facilitator

Kate Siraj is a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner (BSc Ayurveda, MAPA) and founder of The Ayurveda Practice in South West London. She is a Shadow Work Group Facilitator and Coach and a mother of 3 children. She is passionate about learning and passing on knowledge of Ayurveda and delving into the relationship between emotional and physical health.

She has a Master of Chemistry degree from Oxford University and has worked as a Marketing Manager for a blue-chip multinational. Lots of contrasts!

Our ‘Introduction to Ayurveda- The Science of Life’ course runs three times a year (starts September, January and May). This is a 3 month on-line immersion course with a focus on understanding yourself and your close community. This course is offered 3 times a year and is CPD certified. This course has been designed to cover everything you need to know to start applying Ayurveda’s wisdom on diet, lifestyle and herbs to your daily life to improve your health and well-being. With a range of content (including webinars, PDFs, a community forum, health diary, quizzes and case studies) the course offers both theoretical and practical learning to bring the concept of the doshas (mind-body types) to life. All content is direct from the classical Ayurvedic texts combined with modern interpretation, supported by research. You may then decide to continue learning Ayurveda with us, eventually gaining professional qualifications.

What people say

Feedback from students


"Jo and Kate are just fantastic and have so much wisdom to share. Do this course!"


"Thank you for your passion and investment - it shines through."


"Thank you to both of you for such a great course so far, the content and work you have put into producing this course is incredible."


"I feel really inspired by Kate and Joanna's knowledge and passion! From the manual to the webinar, I can see the love and care put into the course content. Very informative and easy to follow. I also really appreciate the additional reading material that has been provided and can't wait to learn more!"


"I'm really enjoying this course and keep telling everyone I see about how much sense it all makes... I find it extremely valuable to be able to hear about Kate and Joanna's experience of working with Ayurveda."


"I'm so glad I got a recommendation to follow this course with Jo and Kate. They really now how bring all the Ayurvedic information in a very clear and comprehensible language."


"I truly value what I’ve learnt on this course and I feel like the small changes I am making will have a big impact on my overall health in the long term. I already feel better than I did earlier in the year and haven’t had any eczema flare ups since September.....In a year where my anxiety levels were high and I’d felt somewhat lost in a new reality, I have found real joy in learning how to reconnect with myself and feel more present."


"I find the Ayurvedic concept of our alignment with the rhythms of the natural world so beautiful in its simplicity. So intuitive and, in a way, so obvious… Yet, in our daily lives we are often far removed from the natural rhythms, with technology, gadgets, instant communications, the fast pace of modern life - we look for quick fixes and instant solutions. Yet, all we need to do is pause, listen to our bodies and take time to reconnect with nature, its rhythms, the wholesome foods it provides, the peace it offers. After all, we are part of the natural world. Understanding the key concepts of Ayurveda gives us so many answers."


"How the seasons affects our health was very revealing. I’ve noticed over the last couple of years that around Autumn my energy levels dip, my digestion can be off and I’m much more anxious which in turn affects my sleep, I’ve also noticed hair loss around this time of year. I now see that this is a Vata period and probably has a lot to do with it as my dosha is also predominately Vata. I paid close attention to my diet and daily routine over the last few weeks after learning this and noticed a considerable improvement. I’m interested to see how the other seasons affect me and how I can put into practice all the advice I’ve learned from Jo and Kate."


"This is the first course that I can remember that really supports an individual's development and seeks to help them grow."


"Since I got my personalized report I've been implementing some changes and I have noticed a huge difference in my Chronic Fatigue symptoms. I'm starting to feel like me again, energy is increasing every day, and I feel like my agni is getting so strong! I've even managed to loose 2 kg! So grateful for this course and the knowledge. Thank you both!"


"Thank you very very much!!
This course is finally giving me some of the answers to my health issues. I can't thank you both enough for putting together this awesome course. This is way better than just taking some pills and trying to get through each day with a good outlook and am very encouraged to take care of my body as naturally as possible.
This course will form an invaluable reference for the future."


"The course has helped me to come inward to tune into my own needs, balance and rhythms and has aspired me to want to learn more about this ancient wisdom and support my own balance."


"I really loved this course - the information felt very accessible, easy to follow and well presented, plus it inspired me to make changes and want to learn more. Kate and Jo were really friendly and welcoming, and taught the content in a very engaging way. Thanks so much - I'm looking forward to the next step!"


"Dear Kate and Joanna,
You are truly amazing! [...] you have given me so much encouragement and hope and I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart."


"A few days into the first module, I experienced a moment of happiness and relief. I no longer felt at fault for enjoying change... Ayurveda gives people permission to discover, and then to be, themselves."


"In a world that feels increasingly overwhelming with one size fits all passing fads, diets and health ‘cures’ fighting for our attention, I have found this introduction to Ayurveda both soothing and inspiring." Anna Murray, cofounder Patternity + life coach


"Both Joanna and Kate have
given exceptional explanations, and have both been very approachable, understanding and supportive."


"I’m not a yoga teacher or health professional, I did this course just for me. I now want to tell and teach the world – is 47 to old to start... ; )?"

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