Ayurveda courses

This introductory course takes place online over 3 months and focuses on understanding yourself and your close community. This course, like all of our courses, is restricted to 23 participants, ensuring a close-knit community and fully interactive webinars to help you learn Ayurveda. There are 33 hours of work covered within the course, which can also be used as Continuing Professional Development (certified by The CPD Certification Service).

For those who know they want more than an introduction, you can sign up for our year long course, The Foundation Year, comprising this course and 2 others: Health from Within and Holistic Ayurveda.

This course is offered 3 times a year starting September 2021. Learn Ayurveda by establishing the basic building blocks and applying them to practical life.

This introductory Ayurveda course will encourage you to:     

  • Better connect with yourself – Ayurveda is focussed on accepting ourselves as we are, playing to our strengths and nurturing our weaknesses (BTW, lovely Oscar Wilde quote on ‘Be yourself, as everyone else is already taken…)
  • Look at your friends, family and work colleagues through the ‘dosha’ lens to enable better relationships
  • Connect with nature on a regular basis, to help tune into your daily circadian rhythm as well as the season
  • Prepare fresh, whole foods from organic, seasonal, local foods tailored for your dosha
  • See ‘food as medicine’ and explore using some of the herbs in your kitchen spice rack to make simple home remedies for common ailments
  • Tailor your lifestyle, exercise and yoga practice to your dosha
  • Tread more lightly on this earth and live more sustainably by adopting Ayurvedic principles.
  • Live the most fulfilled life you can! Ayurveda is not about living the perfect life, but living the best life for you.

All of our Ayurveda courses include:

  • A comprehensive syllabus covering everything you need to know to start applying Ayurveda’s wisdom to your daily life
  • Engaging monthly content with assessments and case studies
  • Knowledge direct from the classical Ayurvedic texts combined with modern interpretation, supported by research where possible
  • Interactive monthly webinars with plenty of time for breakout discussions and Q&A on the month’s content
  • Access to a collaborative learning community to share ideas, practical tips and learning. With 23 participants per course, you will have the opportunity to be part of a close-knit community.
  • A health diary to enable you to record your experiences – not all advice will work for everyone so what is really best for you?
  • Downloadable course materials and webinar recordings
  • A certificate of completion once you have finished the course, equivalent to 33 hours of CPD (certified by The CPD Certification Service).

Our Ayurveda courses are designed for:

  • Individuals interested in improving their own health and well-being
  • Yoga practitioners and teachers wanting to explore Yoga’s sister science and apply it to their practice/ teaching
  • Chefs and foodies wanting to understand the energetics of food according to Ayurveda
  • Parents and carers wanting to support their family
  • Individuals looking to gain professional Ayurvedic qualifications to work in the Ayurvedic field 
  • Existing health practitioners, including herbalist and nutritional therapists, wanting to include Ayurveda in their existing practice

Extras included in this course:

  • A 50% discount for a personalised Ayurvedic assessment report to support diet and lifestyle recommendations.

How to Register

It couldn’t be simpler to register. Simply click here to book and pay for Introduction to Ayurveda starting in September ’21. The link will take you to another of our websites with a secure ordering and payment system (ayurvedapractice.com).

Course Structure

This 3-month course comprises three month-long modules of 11 hours each, totalling 33 total study hours for the course. You will need to put aside 11 hours per month, 2 of which are for a scheduled Zoom call and the rest are flexible to do when it suits you.

At the beginning of each module, you will be sent a manual and a workbook. The manual contains the detailed reading written by us specifically for this module. This includes stops for reflection on how this fits with your life. The workbook then takes you through exercises to explore and cement your knowledge of the new concepts. The workbook also lists the independent reading to complete and a link to the assessment for that module. A 2 hour Zoom call takes place 3 weeks after the start of the module for you to ask questions and make sure everything is clear.

Dates for the Jan 2022 Course:

Module 1

  • Monday 17th January 2022: Start of Module 1
  • Tuesday 8th February 6 – 8pm: Zoom seminar for Module 1

Module 2

  • Monday 14th February: Start of Module 2
  • Tuesday 8th March 6 – 8pm: Zoom seminar for Module 2

Module 3

  • Monday 14th March: Start of Module 3.
  • Tuesday 5th April 6 – 8pm: Zoom seminar for Module 3

Going Further

If Ayurveda has hooked you, you can continue the learning journey with the Foundation Year which combines this Introduction to Ayurveda course with two others; Beauty from Within and Holistic Ayurveda.

Please note that you will not be qualified Ayurvedic practitioner after this introductory course. It is designed to provide a foundation of Ayurveda for personal use and development, along with helping friends and family. If you want to learn Ayurveda and gain a professional qualification, you can complete the Foundation Year and then further professional courses to become a Yoga-Ayurveda Therapist (previous 200 hour Yoga training required) or an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Advisor.

Ayurvedic Learning Journey