Fiona Evans

Hi Everyone
My name is Fiona, I come from Cheshire currently living in London, wondering how to escape the corporate treadmill. I was introduced to yoga when I was about 16, which is a while ago now! Yoga has been like a good friend to me, always there and then you realise how much you missed it, once you reconnect after time has passed. Years of migraines led me to Kate’s door and taking the different herbs and spices, which had such a positive benefit on my wellbeing, I developed my interest in ayurveda. I have since bought the odd cookbook, Anjum Anand and Jasmine Helmsley, with varied success rates, so I am delighted to read that we have a number of folk who can cook and bake!
I am curious to learn more about ayurveda and how I can incorporate it into my daily life and support my family too through cooking and baking with the different seasons.
See you all soon 😊