Madeleine Barnes

Hello! Lovely reading your intros. My name is Madeleine. I’m a Craniosacral Therapist and my journey to that grew through my children. We have a 12yo, a 10yo and a 5 month.

I have enjoyed good health on the whole, supported by two Ayurvedic doctors who I continue to learn with but my body didn’t adapt to pregnancies so I have experienced Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) three times now. HG is a severe sickness during pregnancy that requires hospitalisation, a condition not easily acknowledged by medics as “everyone has morning sickness” and is generally palmed off with “have you tried ginger”?! Having battled my way through that 12 years ago I wanted to help our first new-born in any way I could as, essentially, he suffered with malnutrition for the first nine months in utero as I couldn’t eat. I took him to Homeo, Cranio and any other treatment I could. I had the most wonderful experience during a session with Stuart Korth, who Kate also knows, and from here there was no holding me back – I had to learn Cranio. This is, of course, alongside an active interest in Ayurveda!

I do my best to feed the family healthily. I’ve always been a vegetarian and thankfully the family love vegetables so it is mostly a case of “ensuring protein intake”… or is it?! I have lots to learn about how to decipher our constitutions and how to adapt the Ayurveda diet to make it family-friendly. So looking forward to the zoom on 12th – hoping the baby will oblige! xMadeleine