Louise Lunn

Hello everyone, I am Louise a 48 year old freelance make up artist/ hopefully soon to be a Facial Gua Sha Massage Certified Teacher and I live on the outskirts of Knaresborough, North Yorkshire with my husband, two teen kids (well almost adults) and 1 dog and 3 cats!

Growing up I suffered terribly from IBS and food sensitivities/intolerances and realised that following conventional medicine/guidelines to try treat these issues just wasn’t working for me. I wanted to understand WHY and HOW I could help treat myself. Over the years I have changed my diet to try and adapt to what my body was telling me. I grow my own veggies and love to cook and I am eager to fully understand the ayurvedic energetic connections to food and my personal constitution.

After my Mum recovered from a chronic illness I began to see how the stress response can have such a huge impact on the body, mentally and physically, I turned to yoga practice, meditation, chakra balancing and self massage. When we went into lockdown and my work came to a grinding halt, I began to delve deeper into ‘Inner Beauty’ and Chinese Medicine self care practices which I now incorporate into my daily life and work life. I really feel that understanding the Ayurvedic Approach to Life is going to further my wellbeing journey and I am SO excited. x