Charlotte Young

Hi everyone,

My name is Charlotte. I’m a 44 year old esl teacher living in Alba, Italy with my husband and 2 children aged 9 and 5.

I’m originally from Ireland where about 10 years ago I learned Transendental Meditation from a lovely woman in Dublin. I knew her husband was a well respected Ayurvedic doctor but it wasn’t until last year during the first lockdown and after eating too much pasta and drinking too much wine that I remembered him. Luckily he and his team were offering an on-line introductory course which I loved and found fascinating. I had a consultation with one of the doctors who said I was Vata/Pitta and gave me a daily routine to follow which I found hugely beneficial to my overall health and well being.

My curiosity to learn more led me here and I’m really looking forward to the course.