Leesa Muirhead

Hello to you all!
I”m Leesa. I usually live in Spain (Mallorca) and I’m currently in Australia with a family emergency. I have known Jo for many years and benefited from one of her consultations, which had a profound effect on my life at the time. Ever since, I’m curious and have dipped in and out of ayurveda over the years, and very happy to be here to dip and dive some more.

I am a mama to 8yo twins. Work in sustainability for the past 20+ years. I’m a life lover, a nature lover, dendrophile, a yogi of 20+ years, vegetarian of 31 years.

I am keen to learn how I can tap into ayurveda to harmonise health and wellbeing.

I am back to Spain after christmas and realise with the Perth time zones and my need for sleep, I won’t meet you online. I wish you a wonderful learning journey and hopefully paths cross. Leesa