Heloise Buckland

Hello fellow learners!
I”m Heloise, I’ve just moved in with a (relatively) new partner in the New Forest, South of London, where I currently live and from where I run a business making biochar in Cambodia. I love the outdoors, have practiced yoga for the last 20 years and just last year moved back to the UK after 17 years based in Barcelona and SE Asia.

I have known Jo for many years (we went to Uni together), and so have been lucky enough to have picked up gems of Ayurvedic wisdom from her, have an Ayurvedic recipe book which I love and have had a one off consultation in Sri Lanka, however have never dived more deeply into the subject so now delighted to learn more now.

I am also very interested in the role of Ayurveda in improving the quality of sleep as running a business on the other side of the world can be stressful at times.

Looking forward to meeting you all soon online!