Ruri Hegarty

Hi everyone my name is Ruri (pronounced “brewery” without the B!).
I am based in London and divide my time between being a Natural Chef and working at a Yoga studio. I was born and raised in Tokyo, and after burning myself out in a career in TV production I discovered Yoga. This lead me to start taking a more holistic & preventative approach to my own health, and develop a particular interest in how our diet/food choices can impact our health.

A trip to an Ayuverdic clinic in Kerala 3 years ago became a big turning point in understanding that what I had thought was “healthy eating” wasn’t really working for my particular body type. Long story short, this trip helped clear up my eczema and improved my digestion/energy levels massively…and I have wanted to learn more ever since.
I’m hoping this course will not only inspire me with my cooking but also give me the knowledge to take better care of myself and my mother’s health. Looking forward to meeting you all!