Hi, my name is Michelle. I’ve had problems getting into the forum, hence the lateness of my post. I have been a teacher all my working life, mostly in mainstream secondary schools but now in Higher Education, so deal with quite a lot of stress. However, I have always been committed to holistic approaches to health, with nutrition and body use being high on my priorities. 3 yrs ago, I trained as a level 4 holistic massage therapist and now love practising and seeing the many benefits massage brings to clients. I travelled in Sri Lanka, which inspired me to undertake training in Indian Head Massage and both these things have stimulated interest in Ayurveda. I’ve read several books and am now keen to connect what I have read and integrate it into my life. After reading these posts, I shall definitely be looking into the Jasmine Helmsley podcast/blog…so thank you all for this lead.
I think that I am a vata/pitta, so definitely need help in understanding how to respond to sometimes quite contradictory tendencies. I look forward to meeting you all soon