Catherine Norris

Hello all,

I’m Catherine, I turned 40 this year and have collected a husband, 7 year old daughter and 2 dogs! I’m based just outside London in Hertfordshire.

Before I had my daughter I worked in health and social care, I’m now training to be a functional nutrition counsellor. I’m really interested in the holistic approach to health after experiencing my own issues with anxiety. I’ve changed my approach to eating over the last few months and feel a lot better for it.

I’ve been inspired by both the Hemsley sisters on my healthy eating journey and recently listened to a podcast with Jasmine Hemlsey and Jo and it lead me here. There is something about the ritual and wisdom of Ayurveda that really draws me in so I decided to follow my instincts and find out more!

I’m looking forward to getting into the course materials and connecting with you all.

Catherine x