Anida Omerbegovic

Hi all,

It seems I am the first one from participants to introduce here 🙂 My name is Anida, 39 years old and I originate from Bosnia-Hezegovina, where I grew up and went to school. For some years now, I live with my husband and our two boys (3 and 5) in Zurich, Switzerland.

I am leading this typical corporate life, working in management consulting and soon in banking. Since 2005 I’ve been doing yoga, and since covid started more often (and less running, which I am doing daily). Around that time, i.e. last year, I came across Deepak Chopra book at my mother-in-law place, then later Jasmine Helmsley blog and so got more intersted in ayurveda – purely out of personal curiosity and interest. The whole concept reminded me very much on food of my childhood, where well-cooked, warming and nourishing, seasonal food has been eaten on a daily basis (in Bosnia we call it colloquially “on spoon” 🙂 , i.e. what you eat with spoon) and I noticed, after years of eating disorders, restrictive eating etc, that it really feels good. I don’t get regular headaches, afternoon slumps and feeling of bloateness after such meals. This motivated me to learn more.

Aside from learning how to integrate more of ayurveda in my daily (family) life, I would like to understand what works for me and how to embrace this way of life fully. I am really looking forward!