Kate Siraj

Hello, I’m Kate Siraj, co-founder of The Ayurveda Academy and lecturer alongside Joanna Webber who has already introduced herself. I’m a fully qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner with a BSc in Ayurveda (Manipal, India) as well as a qualified Shadow Work Group Facilitator & Coach. I completed 500 hours of clinical Ayurvedic internship training in India (Kochi, Kerala and Hassan, Karnataka). I am a founder and director of The Ayurveda Practice and The Shadow Practice in South West London.

I live in London with my husband and 3 children (plus two cats and a hamster – not quite the full menagerie that Joanna has!). I am passionate about healthy diet and lifestyle as a way of keeping the family fit, strong and disease free. Previous to discovering my love for Ayurveda, I completed a Master of Chemistry degree at Oxford University and then worked as a Marketing Manager for a blue-chip multinational.

It was through early voluntary work as a coach for young leaders, that I discovered my true intent for life; to serve with love and help people find their natural peace. Thus began a life’s journey into Ayurveda.