Mandy Meaden

Hello All,

Just thought I’d drop a quick few thoughts here before the webinar tonight as I am unable to attend. I’ve been enjoying the course material and finding it so interesting. I have particularly enjoyed looking at the atanga hrdaya sutra sthan and seeing the one of the texts from which this wisdom comes. Reading it I have such respect and awe for the intelligence and clarity of this system! It is also really interesting to see what western medicine recognises from this thinking and what we have (generally) dismissed, such as looking at the astrology of a patient.

Turning my gaze toward ayurveda in my life again, I find I am made painfully aware of how out of balance I have become and it is frustrating and enlightening to see the extent to which I can carry on unbalancing myself further even in the light of this knowledge! I wonder if others can relates to this?

I look forwards to watching the webinar after the event.

Wishing you all well this evening,