Kay Brownsey

Good afternoon all, my name is Kay Brownsey, I am 56 yr old empty nester living in rental on the outskirts of Bath. I am currently going through a divorce from Kevin whom I was married to for 30 years and have two wonderful children Emily aged 22 yrs in Manchester a chip off the old block, and Matthew who is 25 living and working in Amsterdam a fellow Leo like me.

‘BC’ – before children I was a qualified registered nurse for 10 years in the NHS and was firmly in the medical model. After having Emily as a stay at home mum, I left my nursing and trained at the local college in Indian head massage and then Reflexology, forever looking for new modalities. I was very drawn to Ayurveda when I learnt to do a facial massage, and had a desire to learn more. I am also Reiki attuned, and naturally drawn to understanding more about our bodies and how to tap into it’s potential healing.

After living ten wonderful years in Poland with Kevin’s job and experienced Cranial sacral therapy (and loved it…would love the details of the course BTW) I returned to the UK in 2018 after being a mum at home for 20+years, returned to nursing at a local private hospital but as a unqualified position to sense check if it would be a fit for me. I’m itching to return back to my own reflexology practice and want to give more advice etc to my future clients.

I met Jo at the Wisdom space in Bradford On Avon when she was a speaker about Ayurvedic lifestyles etc and felt it resonated with me. The universe had conspired to make me listen as I had rented the very cottage of Sebastian Pole, the founder of PUKKA herbs for three years without knowing it until I was about to leave! The synchronicity was too much to ignore. So here I am, busily eating Twirls and needing a healthier lifestyle as I embark my next chapter in life.

On a sad note, my beloved aunt died 3 weeks ago, so I have not had time to do the course before our meet up tomorrow. Hoping to read a lot today, but aware i am way behind you all at the moment.

Heart warming to read all your bios, and meet kindred spirits as we journey through this exciting experience.