Mandy Meaden

Hello, My name is Mandy, I’m 47 and I hail from Bromley, South East London.

I live with my son, aged 8 and my daughter, aged 10. I have been practising yoga regularly for 20 years and teaching for 16. I teach in a tradition which emphasises tailoring the practice to the individual and which makes use of posture, breath, meditation and chant. I love it as much now as I did at the start. I also enjoy writing, painting, drawing and various crafts, singing, cooking, gardening (especially growing food) and being out in nature, although my time available for any of these is naturally limited by all that’s required of me, in my ‘householder’ stage of life.

Learning and expanding my scope of understanding in this life is also something I find myself very much drawn to, and it was in this way that I came across Kate when I attended an online morning “Intro to Ayurveda” event that she was offering. It was great and really whetted my apetite to learn more. I could see how it might be of benefit to me and my loved ones. I then had a one to one with Kate as I had been going through some very big changes and the one to one support was great (I can’t recommend it enough). I somehow found the self-discpline to do all that she suggested and it made very a positive difference to my well-being. I had wanted to attend the first course of this kind that Kate and Joanna ran, but the timing didn’t work for me. This time I am able to do it, but I teach on Tuesday evenings so cannot attend the first two Zoom gatherings (the 3rd is during the Easter holiday).

So here I am, on this course and in need of some re-motiviating and re-direction. Kate’s advice stayed strong with me initally, then gradually ebbed away. You know how it is, I felt good so I became gradually more wayward until, come Christmas and New Year I had strayed quite far from the path, but that’s the vata season for you! Even so, I still have some much better habits than I did a year ago, so it’s a win, and the more I understand and the deeper I take the knowledge within the more my behaviour comes from that place.

I also want to be able to understand my children’s dispositions more fully and to be able to support them to the best of my ability.

It’s lovely to be here!