Rhi Hepple

Hello I am Rhi and I am very excited to join this course. I am a Naturopathic Nutritionist based in the New Forest. I am married with two teenage boys and a dog called Cookie. We love being by the sea and the forest. I have been a Naturopath for nearly 7 years but I am also trained in Reflexology and I am a Reiki Master Practitioner but I mainly only practice the Naturopathy these days; in person or online. Prior to this I have a BA in Fashion Promotion and Journalism and worked in the magazine industry for a few years in health and beauty then moved into marketing for a Spa in London. When I had my children I wanted a more flexible career, I had already trained in Reiki (to support my own panic attacks) and it was then that I trained in reflexology. I became ill with an autoimmune condition and that is when I discovered Naturopathy and was so amazed at my own recovery I was determined to learn more. I am now eager to learn about other ways to bring balance to the body, to promote healing and to have more understanding of the Ayurvedic principles which I find myself drawn to. My passion is inspiring others to take more control of their health, to tune in and listen to their body and understand their own tool kit in what they can do, eat, think and be to bring more vitality naturally and holistically.

Looking forward to meeting you all.